Reckless moves down Broadway

Earlier this month the Reckless Records store on Broadway moved across the street and down the block.  It is now located at 3126 N. Broadway, a mere 217 feet from its former home.  The new space is brighter and MUCH more spacious.  It really is a revelation in elbowroom for vinyl and CD fiends. 

In my opinion, Reckless is the best record store in Chicago bar none and I suggest visiting their website at  There you can search their inventory (it is updated daily) by format and condition and sort by their three locations. Or do a general search and it will return which location has the item you want.  Along with the inventory information there are short write-ups that accompany many items.  The reviews are to the point, often referencing related artists and can be quite funny. 

While the convenience can’t be beat, avid record shoppers may find this technology ruins the joy of the hunt or impedes the random discoveries often found in brick and mortar stores.  What do you think?

If in your perusal you find a one-of-a-kind item you can’t live without, give them a call and they will happily hold the item for one week.  Not to mention the ability to have items transferred between their locations.  Now how’s that for customer service? 


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