Sonic Youth @ The Vic – Sun. June 28th 2009

Setlist in sequence

1. She Is Not Alone
2. No Way
3. Calming The Snake
4. Walkin Blue
5. Poison Arrow
6. Malibu Gas Station
7. Anti-Orgasm
8. Antenna
9. Catholic Block
10. What We Know
11. Leaky Lifeboat
12. Massage The History
13. Sacred Trickster
Encore 1
14. Making The Nature Scene
15. Silver Rocket
Encore 2
16. The Sprawl
17. ‘Cross The Breeze

They played for 1 hour 35 minutes. Most shocking development was seeing Thurston Moore sit down and play acoustic guitar for “Massage The History,” especially in light of the fact that he was literally laying on his guitar on the floor during “She Is Not Alone.” Kim Gordon in a pink dress. She really got into it beginning with “Sacred Trickster” and then on the encores by dancing, swaying and swinging her arms. I was also utterly impressed by the skills of drummer Steve Shelley. For a guitar band he stole the show. Be warned if you are seeing them on this tour they play TONS of the new album so you better like it.


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