Wilco (the bus)


Bringing new meaning to the lyric kiss ‘n’ ride on the CTA, the marketing campaign for (the album) now includes CTA buses!

As a follow-up, Wilco HQ has released first week sales numbers stating, “The returns are in and Wilco (the album) sold 99,000 “units” as they say in the record business.”  I personally would have expected more, but they say that number “blows away our previous best week by a longshot.”

99,000 is good enough for a #4 debut on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.  Not too shabby, but considering Grizzly Bear popped out with a #8 debut for Veckatimest by selling 1/3 of that number (33,000), perhaps Wilco could’ve sold just a few more to topple Rob Thomas (#3) who sold 121,000 copies.  Then again he was on the Today Show and Wilco was only on Coco’s Tonight Show. 

Tune in to Letterman on Tues. 7/14 to see Wilco perform “You And I” with Feist.


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