Jeff Tweedy @ Emanuel Congregation – Sat. 8/8

1. Sunken Treasure
2. Remember The Mountain Bed
3. I’ll Fight
4. Hummingbird
5. Muzzle Of Bees
6. Long Time Ago
7. Laminated Cat
8. Someday Some Morning Sometime
9. Box Full Of Letters
10. Airline To Heaven
11. Theologians
12. A Shot In The Arm
13. Pick Up The Change
14. One By One
15. So Much Wine [The Handsome Family]
16. Solitaire
17. California Stars
18. I’m The Man Who Loves You
19. I Shall Be Released
20. True Love Will Find You In The End [Daniel Johnston]
21. Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway(again)
22. Pecan Pie
23. You And I
24. Hate It Here
25. The Thanks I Get

Definitely, the type of setlist one would expect from a solo gig, drawing heavily from the Mermaid Ave. albums (somewhat of a surprise, and AWESOME), a little bit of A.M., too much A Ghost Is Born (these songs just are not conducive to the solo experience) and my favorite two nuggets Golden Smog’s ‘Long Time Ago’ and ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ by Daniel Johnston. Unlike his February shows at The Vic, Uncle Tupelo standards were noticeably missing on Saturday (and I for one missed them). I can still honestly say that, for me, this is the best way to see Wilco (the band).


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