In Brief: Vivian Girls @ Empty Bottle 8/30/09

IMG_1766 (3)

I think I have whiplash from bopping my head to the beats of the Vivian Girls.  The Girls played a 50 minute set jam packed with songs from the forthcoming Everything Goes Wrong full-length, as well as old favorites like “Tell The World” and “Never See Me Again.”  Although the vocals sometimes sounded off-key somehow it added to the ramshackle appeal of the group.  On Sunday night it was clear that this rhythm section is a well polished machine.  Not to be outdone, guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone got down on her knees reveling in the moment.  As a live outfit, Vivian Girls displayed a speed and ferocity not found on their recorded output.  The new album chronicles the demise of a relationship and “Can’t Get Over You” captures this thematic element with much aplomb.

IMG_1767 (2)

As their set concluded the Girls swapped instruments rotating roles in a counterclockwise direction.  (See photo below)  Walking offstage having done their thing, the Vivian Girls  continue this tour through Halloween and will no doubt return to Chicago to play to a larger audience at a bigger venue next time around.

IMG_1781 (2)


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