Damon & Naomi @ Empty Bottle 11/4/09


In what can only be described as a criminally under attended show, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang (2/3 of Galaxie 500) spent a layover at The Empty Bottle. Wednesday night’s audience hued very close to empty with the assembled few seated on the stairs and riser across from the stage.

The couple was on its way to Tokyo but explained that there are no longer direct flights from Boston to Japan and thus were quite literally playing this show as a means to pass the time.

The duo played a spare set with Damon on acoustic guitar and Naomi on keys with both of them singing.

There is an air of mourning and despair in many of their songs, but at the same time they are transcendent and beautiful.

They played a fair number of “hits” from their recently released compilation album The Sub Pop Years.  “New York City” and “Turn Of The Century” were two definite highlights.

After their set, I asked Naomi (at the merch table) if they had plans to get back in the studio and record.  Her response was, “Yeah…” after which she playfully urged me to go ask Damon that question, hinting at her unabashed desire to record and the need to put pressure on Damon to make it happen.

The two of them come off as true “working musicians” that make music for the love and not the accolades.  In fact their Myspace page sums them up quite well, “100% Hype-free!”


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