Ray Davies: The Kinks Choral Collection

While the choral treatment isn’t a perfect fit for all the songs, (“You Really Got Me” and “All Day And All Of The Night” are especially ill-suited) it is a pleasure to hear that Ray Davies’ voice is still in top form.  This album pairs Davies with The Crouch End Festival Chorus (a choral group from north suburban London) and traditional rock instruments.

Six of the tracks are taken from the 1968 album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society and these sound fantastic.  Another gem is the somewhat lesser known “Celluloid Heroes.”  As a devout Kinks fan I am pleased to hear a new spin on some old favorites.  The choral versions add reverence to the works and feel apt for the late autumn/winter season.

Davies’ is currently touring this project on the east coast of the United States and appeared on Late Show with David Letterman last week.  Watch it here.



One thought on “Ray Davies: The Kinks Choral Collection

  1. Actually you Are right on the dime. “You Really Got Me” & “All Day…” are especially “ill-suited” for this khoral treatment. However, “Village Green Preservation Society” is one of my favorite Kink LPs (yes, I wrote LPs) – and as you noted Does fit rather well. Hear? I saw Ray in Toronto, during his his “Working Man’s Cafe Tour” & minus the sing-along parts it was quite good!

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