Real Estate @ Lincoln Hall 3/15/10

I assure you the image above is of the band Real Estate who turned in a superb performance to a near capacity crowd at Lincoln Hall Monday night.  Real Estate is a New Jersey four-piece that trades in seamless surf guitar tunes and specializes in extended instrumental interludes within songs. I found the traditional bass, 2 guitar and drum lineup to be a welcome change from so many acts of today that try to pile layer upon layer of keys, multiple drums and the like to cover up less than stellar chops.

These guys couldn’t have seemed more laid back for a band riding the wave of critical praise.  Perhaps my favorite song of the night was “Green River” on which all three string pluckers offered vocal harmonies.  Listening to Real Estate I am reminded of The Shins first album, as well as early Galaxie 500.

Although not confirmed as of yet, Real Estate is hotly-tipped to be playing this year’s Pitchfork Music Fest in July.

Another seemingly nonsensical lyric was harmonized and repeated on the song “Suburban Beverage.”  Budweiser Sprite, do you feel alright?  Real Estate’s songs are infectious and the band delivered a set full of promise.

***As a bonus I would like to share this link to a free downloadable performance the band did on WMUA in Massachusetts last year.


2 thoughts on “Real Estate @ Lincoln Hall 3/15/10

  1. Real Estate were fairly boring i thought. They hardly even seemed like they wanted to be there. I see you are one of the many who left before Woods. Not a good move, Woods killed it.

    1. I am not much of a fan of the vocal stylings of Woods. I’ll be back at LH to see a great double bill on 3.17.10 The Clientele w/Field Music

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