Beach House @ Metro 4/2/10

To state the obvious, Victoria Legrand is a singular talent.  She stood front and center onstage at Metro and was the focal point in Beach House’s sold out performance on Friday night.

Beach House is reaching its widest fanbase on this their third record and first for Sub Pop.  Instead of flaming out, the group has built on and honed their mastery of lethargic dream pop and upped the pop quotient on Teen Dream.  The album translated well live, but when trading in a sort of one trick pony genre it is hard to sustain an audience over a 75 minute set.

The show peaked for me very early with the back to back pairing of “Lover Of Mine” and “Gila.”  What was a bit surprising was how flat “Norway” played out.  Legrand’s deep tenor doesn’t match the breathy ha-ha-has that open the song and the stylistic ay-ay-ays just didn’t work on what was one of the weakest songs of the night.  Overall the band shined.  Guitarist Alex Scally masterfully handled his instrument spending the vast majority of the set seated noodling out the framework over which Legrand painted the melodies.  I was a bit troubled by the use of prerecorded bass and drum machine parts and the live drumming at times seem mimed or uninspired.

On “Zebra” Legrand’s fervor reached its apex as she unabashedly head banged asking, ‘Don’t I know you better than the rest’ and delivering the line ‘Any way you run, you run before us.’ 

Would I see Beach House again?  Probably not.  Would I buy their next record?  Most definitely.

1. Walk In The Park
2. Lover Of Mine
3. Gila
4. Better Times
5. Norway
6. Silver Soul
7. Master Of None
8. Astronaut
9. Used To Be
10. Zebra
11. Heart Of Chambers
12. Take Care
13. Real Love
14. 10 Mile Stereo


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