Camera Obscura @ Lincoln Hall 4/5/10

Last night Camera Obscura rolled into Lincoln Hall for a sold out gig.  It was their second time through town in support of 2009’s My Maudlin Career.  I found last night’s setlist and the intimacy of the venue far more enjoyable than their 2009 appearance at Metro.

The six-piece Glaswegian outfit crowded the relatively small stage at Lincoln Hall swooning and singing (on many occasions) of loves lost.

The unabashed highlight of the night was when frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell put down her guitar for a stirring rendition of ‘French Navy’ that was beautifully synced with blue lights glistening off the disco ball hung from the ceiling.

I was delighted by the inclusion in the set of ‘Dory Previn,’ a subdued track that highlights Campbell’s vocal skill.  The crowd was tame for the most part with the notable exception of readily clapping along to the encore ‘Come Back Margaret.’

Early in the evening, guitarist Kenny McKeeve asked if Monday was hangover night, to which the answer was, “Every night is hangover night in Scotland.”  Tracyanne ended the night telling the crowd she and the band were off to get drunk as they were set for an off day after feeling the crowd’s love during the encore.


1. My Maudlin Career
2. Swans
3. Tears For Affairs
4. Teenager
5. Let’s Get Out Of This Country
6. French Navy
7. Dory Previn
8. James
9. Honey In The Sun
10. The Sweetest Thing
11. The World Is Full Of Strangers
(French Navy 7” B-side)
12. Keep It Clean
13. Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
14. If Looks Could Kill
15. Come Back Margaret
16. Razzle Dazzle Rose


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