Frightened Rabbit @ Metro 5/8/10

Frightened Rabbit played to a sold out Metro last night and frontman Scott Hutchison led the band (now a 5-piece) through a flawless 15 song set.  Hutchison paused at one point relating that he was still taking in the magnitude of the moment of the group playing to a capacity crowd that seemed to hang on his every word.

In my opinion there wasn’t a weak song in the lot and this was the best show I’ve seen thus far in 2010.  The setlist pulled exclusively from this year’s The Winter Of Mixed Drinks and their landmark 2008 relationship record The Midnight Organ Fight.  Curiously missing were any songs from the equally strong Sing The Greys, but this is not a complaint.  My favorite performance of the night was ‘Nothing Like You,’ and its refrain, She was not the cure for cancer/And all my questions still ask for answers/There is nothing like someone new/And this girl she was nothing like you.

The encore kicked off with a solo acoustic rendition of ‘Poke,’ and the evening concluded with the triumphant ‘Keep Yourself Warm.’  I feel like I am gushing, but I was simply awed by Frightened Rabbit’s set.  If you missed this show, Frightened Rabbit will be back in August at Lollapalooza, but Grant Park will of course lack the intimacy found at Metro.

1. Skip The Youth
2. The Modern Leper
3. Old Old Fashioned
4. The Loneliness And The Scream
5. The Wrestle
6. The Twist
7. Swim Until You Can’t See Land
8. Foot Shooter
9. My Backwards Walk
10. Nothing Like You
11. Heads Roll Off
12. Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms
13. Poke (Scott Hutchison solo acoustic)
14. Living In Colour
15. Keep Yourself Warm


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