Condo Fucks @ The Hideout 05/16/10

Yo La Tengo performed in the guise of their cover band project Condo Fucks to a sold out crowd at The Hideout Sunday night in Chicago.  It was an opening slot and part of a residency by Eleventh Dream Day.  It is understood that this gig served as a warm up for the Condo Fucks upcoming appearance at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain on May 28th.  The three-piece was aided at times on keys by a Mr. Greenberg.

Being a huge Kinks fan I adored their rendition of “This Is Where I Belong.”  This video is from Sunday night.  The picture is askew, but the audio is solid.

As a point of comparison, here is a link to the Kinks from the Face To Face sessions

This show was a real treat.  I found it curious that bassist James McNew was using a guitar to play his bass parts.  He was in top form on vocals as well as bass.  Ira Kaplan was quite animated on guitar and ramped up the feedback to earbleeding levels.

After the 45 minute set Mr. McNew was kind enough to part with a setlist which I have provided here.  Thanks YLT and stay tuned for their next high profile opening slot for Wilco on July 30th in South Bend, Indiana.


2 thoughts on “Condo Fucks @ The Hideout 05/16/10

    1. According to the blog Underground Bee ( Ira Kaplan of Condo Fucks/Yo La Tengo came back onstage at the end of the night, joining Eleventh Dream Day for a cover of the Dream Syndicate’s “Halloween.” And then for the encore, the two bands merged together for an epic version of the Velvet Underground’s “Ocean.”

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