The Futureheads @ Lincoln Hall 6/12/10

The Futureheads crammed 21 songs into an 80-minute set Saturday night at a somewhat under attended gig at Lincoln Hall.  The show was the last of their North American tour and first appearance in Chicago since 2006.  The Futureheads’ high energy, no-nonsense, double guitar attack is a thing of beauty.  They exchange banter with one another and the crowd and seem to challenge one another to play faster.

What made this gig so incredible was that 9 songs came from their masterful self-titled debut.  Although the set was a bit frontloaded it is hard to find qualms with a band that plays a 5 song encore and so eagerly enages the crowd.

‘Hounds Of Love’ featured a reprisal of what was dubbed “The Futureheads Game,” in which the crowd is split in half in a vocal competition.  (The two opening acts each joined a camp, The Static Jacks with Ross on guitar and The Like with David on bass.)

Filling out the better part of the rest of the set were songs from 2010’s The Chaos, a lighter return to form record, full of speedy guitar rock numbers.  Lead vocalist Barry Hyde declared ‘The Connector,’ the fastest song in their catalog, but that is a relative term.

Perhaps these lads are bit too English to be fully embraced in the U.S. or maybe they missed their golden opportunity some years back.  Let’s call it a draw.  Like Hyde said of the U.S. vs. England match earlier in the day, us Americans acted like we won when alas, it was a draw.

The Chaos
Walking Backwards
Heartbeat Song
Struck Dumb
Decent Days And Nights
I Can Do That
First Day
Skip To The End
Back To The Sea
Sun Goes Down
The Beginning Of The Twist
Carnival Kids
Hounds Of Love
Le Garage
The Connector
Work Is Never Done
Stupid And Shallow
Man Ray

UPDATE: I wanted to share the direct message I received via Twitter from @thefutureheads: We LOVED the gig. Thank you so much for coming. The night got very very messy indeed! Chicago is brilliant. Sad face. Barry x


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