Wilco – South Bend, IN: Coveleski Stadium 7/30/10


1. Sunken  Treasure

2. Ashes Of American Flags

3. Either Way

4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

5. Bull Black Nova

6. You Are My Face

7. One Wing

8. Company In My Back

9. A Shot In The Arm

10. Side With The Seeds

11. She’s A Jar

12. Say You Miss Me

13. Impossible Germany

14. Forget The Flowers

15. I’ll Fight

16. Box Full Of Letters

17. Handshake Drugs

18. Jesus, Etc.

19. Can’t Stand It

20. You Never Know

21. Heavy Metal Drummer

22. Walken

23. I’m The Man Who Loves You


24. Broken Arrow [Buffalo Springfield cover]

25. Airline To Heaven

26. The Late Greats

27. Red-Eyed And Blue

28. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)

Encore 2:

29. Thank You Friends [Big Star cover]

(Accompanied by Yo La Tengo:  James & Georgia on percussion / Ira on guitar)

Wow, that was quite a bit of Being There.  Solid show.


3 thoughts on “Wilco – South Bend, IN: Coveleski Stadium 7/30/10

  1. Wilco in SB on Friday night was a stellar show. Other than a few tech glitches early on (guitar oriented as far as I could hear), this was absolutely the tightest sounding show that I’ve been to in several years….that includes every band I’ve seen. I love their studio work, but these guys are built for the crowd!!

    When they decide to resurface in the Mid-West…..Wiltravel for Wilco!!!

    1. Having seen Wilco or Jeff Tweedy solo 12 times, this was one of their better shows in recent years. Truthfully the 2 shows I have seen for Wilco(The Album) have been great. Nels really has won over the fans and has his own cheering section during “Impossible Germany.” I was surprised not to hear “Spiders” or “California Stars.” Although “Handshake Drugs” was included and is one of their setlist staples. I suspect Mr. Tweedy may appear at Lollapalooza next weekend when Mavis Staples plays…

      1. Loved the show and the relaxed atmosphere of the venue. Everybody was having a great time and you could walk pretty close to the stage with no problem. Tweedy said some pretty funny stuff and the crowd ate it up. “Since I embarrassed Glenn about his toe, I have to tell you something emabarrassing about myself. Recently, I did Zumba……. and I pooped my pants.” Big laughs…The band was tight and clearly were in the mood. Thanks!

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