The New Pornographers @ Metro 8/5/10

I guess I wish I was at a Destroyer show or that Carl ‘A.C.’ Newman had lost his voice.  That’s what was running through my head as The New Pornographers plowed through a 23 song, 100 minute performance at a sold out Metro last night or as Newman dubbed it his “Lollapalooza Party.”

It would seem that this band would make the perfect amalgam live.  Dan Bejar’s shtick and voice are an acquired taste and may be a bit much on its own.  Neko Case, while a stellar talent, makes me drowsy on her solo records, but carries many songs live.  Yet somehow their current live show feels like a band cramming pieces of a puzzle that don’t quite fit together.

Without a doubt Bejar and his songs were the highlight for me, but his necessity to leave the stage when not singing and his indulgence in non-stop drinking is a bit off-putting.  Truthfully Dan Bejar seems like the bad little kid of the group crying out for attention and almost sabotaging the final song of the night stretching the “no, no, no…” portion of ‘Testament To Youth In Verse’ well beyond its comfortable breaking point.  All this being said, I would have been aghast and perturbed if Bejar was not a part of the show so what gives?

The New Pornographers play Friday at Lollapalooza and return in October for a show at The Riviera.


1. Sing Me Spanish Techno

2. Up In The Dark

3. Myriad Harbour

4. Crash Years

5. The Laws Have Changed

6. Jackie, Dressed In Cobras

7. Adventures In Solitude

8. Twin Cinema

9. Jackie

10. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk

11. All The Old Showstoppers

12. Go Places

13. It’s Only Divine Right

14. Execution Day

15. Moves

16. Your Hands (Together)

17. Mass Romantic

18. Silver Jenny Dollar

19. Use It

20. The Bleeding Heart Show


21. Challengers

22. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism

23. Testament To Youth In Verse


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