The Autumn Defense @ Lincoln Hall 11/20/10

The Autumn Defense wrapped up a run of East Coast dates with a show Saturday night at Lincoln Hall.   They played a set that pulled heavily from the recently released Once Around, while sprinkling in older cuts along with one of my personal favorites ‘Bluebirds Fall’ from their 2004 split-EP with Hem.

The camaraderie between John Stirratt and Pat Sansone is evident to the ears when they get together as The Autumn Defense.  The vocals and arrangements at times can be delicate and thus spawns an audience that is held to a whisper between songs, which I suspect can be off putting to the performers.

Once Around is their first record for Yep Roc which may lead to some broader promotion for this record which is something it deserves.  The encore opened with ‘Step Easy’ and my favorite couplet sung by Stirratt: The pitfalls here are gone / And there are others that will bring you along / So step easy in the sun.

The night closed with two covers on which the guys really cut loose and allowed Sansone to solo away.  Much like when Wilco played in South Bend I was introduced to a new “oldie.”  On Saturday this was ‘Sentimental Lady,’ and again much like the South Bend setlist the Lincoln Hall show ended with a song from Big Star’s Third (‘You Can’t Have Me’).

Catch a free instore performance by The Autumn Defense today (Sunday 11/21) at Reckless Records in Wicker Park at 1pm.

Saturday’s Setlist:

1. Tell Me What You Want

2. Huntington Fair

3. Back Of My Mind

4. Written In The Snow

5. Allow Me

6. Bluebirds Fall

7. The Swallows Of London Town

8. The Answer

9. Spend Your Life

10. Feel You Now

11. The Sun In California

12. Full 5 Paces

13. Every Day

14. We Would Never Die


15. Step Easy

16. Tuesday Morning

17. Sentimental Lady

18. You Can’t Have Me

Here’s how it broke down by record:

7 songs from Once Around

3 songs from The Autumn Defense

1 song from Birds, Beasts And Flowers

4 songs from Circles

1 song from The Green Hour

2 covers


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