Wolf Parade @ House Of Blues 11/23/10

Tuesday night was my first time seeing Wolf Parade live and while the group expressed its gratitude to the audience the show felt a bit like a band going through the motions.  I have seen Handsome Furs and marveled at the high octane live show the 2 of them put on so I guess I was a bit disappointed that vibe didn’t come across at the House of Blues.  Vocal duties were split almost evenly between Spencer Krug (primarily keyboard) and Dan Boeckner (primarily guitar).

The set was comprised largely of tunes from 2010s Expo 86 and their 2005 debut Apologies to the Queen Mary. I particularly enjoyed ‘Semi-Precious Stone,’ a new song (that’s available digitally) that Krug stated the band isn’t sure if they like it or not.

Closing out the set proper was the extended jam ‘Kissing The Beehive’ that showcased both the strength of the rhythm section and Boeckner’s soloing ability.   

I won’t write off ever seeing Wolf Parade again, I think I might just prefer Handsome Furs.  Speaking of which, the husband/wife duo featuring Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade and Alexei Perry are playing Lincoln Hall on January 15th 2011 as part of Tomorrow Never Knows.

Tuesday’s Setlist:

1.  Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts

2.  Soldier’s Grin

3.  What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)

4.  Ghost Pressure

5.  Cloud Shadow On The Mountain

6.  Fine Young Cannibals

7.  Semi-Precious Stone

8.  Palm Road

9.  I’ll Believe In Anything

10.  This Heart’s On Fire

11.  Kissing The Beehive


12.  Yulia

13.  You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son


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