Dean & Britta Play Galaxie 500 @ Lincoln Hall 12/4/10

Electing to see a band two nights in a row is often a difficult proposition.  Will they play a nearly identical set?  Will the band kick it into cruise control and collect a paycheck on night two?  Will some of the luster have worn off as a fan making it feel like you are dragging yourself to the gig?  I can recall a disappointing back-to-back set of concerts I took in by Supergrass in August of 2003 at Metro.  Earlier this year I pulled a back-to-backer for Teenage Fanclub and adored both nights.  Due to the rarity of Dean & Britta’s Galaxie 500 dates, I knew back in June that I wanted to attend both.

So Saturday night at Lincoln Hall was night two of Dean & Britta Play Galaxie 500.  Earlier in the day @deanandbritta announced via Twitter that there would be a special guest Saturday night, later revealing the guest would be former Luna guitarist Sean Eden.  While I have come to respect and admire Galaxie 500, I first discovered Luna on 120 Minutes in 1992 with the video for ‘Slash Your Tires,’ so Luna is truly my first love in the Wareham canon.  In other words, night two was going to be special.

The setlists were almost identical for the Lincoln Hall gigs.  ‘Summertime’ was swapped out in place of a crowd requested “Cheese And Onions” (originally by The Rutles).  Another ongoing theme was an audience member that repeated “F#ck Yeah” after nearly every song, to the point that Dean quipped, it’s like the guy was a string doll that was pulled to elicit his catchphrase.

A few stray observations I noticed on Saturday were that Wareham spent a good deal of both nights performing with his eyes closed.  He also held up a drink he dubbed  “A Lincoln Hall” (Stoli & soda).  Also apparent was just how strong the performances of drummer Jason Lawrence, and for that matter, Matt Sumrow on guitar were.  Saturday felt better rehearsed and I noticed how much Dean’s guitar solos on ‘Temperature’s Rising’ and ‘Blue Thunder’ reminded me of Lunapark-era Luna.  Again falsetto vocals were superb on ‘Blue Thunder’ and the narcotic vibe of ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste’ was memorizing.

I’m not sure how many audience members were in on the Sean Eden surprise, but it became clear things were going to be shook up when ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’ and ‘Ceremony’ appeared in the set proper.  Dean then welcomed Eden to the stage for the encore asking if anyone had seen him around town and then pointed out that ¾ of Luna was now onstage. (Sumrow did not partake in the encores)  Once tuned, the group launched into ‘Indian Summer’ (Eden’s debut appearance on record with Luna from the Slide EP) followed by ‘23 Minutes In Brussels.’  What an absolute treat.  I believe this was the first time Eden, Wareham and Phillips have played together live since Luna’s 2005 farewell.

Wareham noted that perhaps the marquee should be changed for the encore since this was no longer a Galaxie 500, but a Luna set.  To cap off the night a second encore of ‘Tiger Lily’ closed out a memorable pair of shows.  Only time will tell if this taste of a Luna reunion was a one-off or a preview of a larger reformation, in any case this fan says, “Thanks.”

Night 2 Setlist:

1. Flowers

2. Pictures

3. Temperature’s Rising

4. Snowstorm

5. Decomposing Trees

6. Strange

7. Blue Thunder

8. When Will You Come Home

9. Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste

10. Tugboat

11. Cheese And Onions

12. Listen, The Snow Is Falling

13. Fourth Of July

14. I’ll Keep It With Mine

15. Ceremony

*Encore – joined by Sean Eden of Luna

16. Indian Summer

17. 23 Minutes In Brussels

*Encore II

18. Tiger Lily


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