Jaill @ Empty Bottle 3/12/11

(Yes I know this is blurry. It indicates motion and the fact I don’t have an iPhone.)

Every so often a band comes along that I feel strongly enough about that I wish to be an advocate for them.   For me, Jaill from Milwaukee, WI are such a band.  Last night they opened for Obits and though the only commonality between the two bands is a record label (Sub Pop), Jaill’s set was my reason for going and whatever pleasure I got from Obits was gravy.

If you’re unfamiliar, Jaill play as a traditional 3-piece power pop outfit (at least on Saturday night) pumping out an infectious brand of hook driven tunes carried along by a steady rhythm section.  They remind me on multiple levels of the early “golden years” of one of my favorite ‘90s bands, Supergrass.

Jaill’s Setlist on 3/12 – This is incomplete and if anyone knows the song titles I marked with (?) I’d appreciate a comment.

1 Always Wrong

2 Beggar Sincere

3 Stone Froze Mascot ?

4 Everyone’s Hip

5 Waste A Lotta Things ?

6 The Stroller

7 My Best Friends ?

8 Ten Teardrops

9 She’s My Baby

10 That’s How We Burn

11 How’s The Grave


If you’re inclined to dig a little deeper into Jaill here’s a link to their Sub Pop page. http://www.subpop.com/artists/jaill




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