Art Brut @ Double Door – June 15 2011

Art Brut and its larger than life frontman Eddie Argos proved to be endlessly entertaining as a live act once again last night at Double Door in Chicago.  The setlist plucked rather sparringly from the recently released Brilliant! Tragic! and favored their classic debut Bang Bang Rock & Roll.  Always a sharp wit, Argos altered the lyric on opener “Formed A Band” saying ‘Yes, this used to be my singing voice,’ a reference no doubt to the hubub surrounding the fact that he has been accused of singing on the new album.  As per usual Argos went out in the crowd to tell his tale on “Modern Art” asking the audience to squat while he recounted his love of Van Gogh (pronounced Van Goff).

To only talk about the charismatic Argos would be a slight against how strong the players in the band are.  The dual guitar attack often sounded sing-songey and as if they were playing a game of call and response.  While I haven’t reached a verdict on the merit of Brilliant! Tragic!, Art Brut as a live act is as vital as ever.

Art Brut @ Double Door June 15 2011

1. Formed A Band

2. Axel Rose

3. My Little Brother

4. Lost Weekend

5. Summer Job

6. Arizona Bay [new song]

7. Direct Hit

8. Modern Art

9. Sexy Sometimes

10. DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake

11. 18000 Lira

12. Emily Kane

13. Martin Kemp

14. Good Weekend


15. Alcoholics Unanimous

16. Bang Bang Rock & Roll

17. Unprofessional Wrestling

18. Post Soothing Out

Run time: 1 hour 15 minutes


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