Beady Eye @ Metro June 18 2011

This picture is not from Metro, but it is the garish Union Jack coat that Liam Gallagher wore onstage for his second career performance at Metro in Chicago.  The sold out gig was the first of just four North American dates on Beady Eye’s agenda.

I’ll admit I adored the first two Oasis albums and having seen that band 8 times, first at Metro in 1994 and for the last time at UIC Pavilion in 2005, Saturday night’s performance hewed closer to the invigorated Gallagher of old.  Beady Eye, while not necessarily trading in a sound that is revolutionary or new, has ditched the lethargic, plodding, hazey, drawn out (should I stop) qualities that made latter day Oasis a bit of a bore.

For me the top song on Saturday night was “The Beat Goes On.”  Perhaps it was the intimacy of a smaller venue, but Beady Eye shined at Metro.  The tough task now will be for them to sustain and build on the positives of Different Gear, Still Speeding.


1. Four Letter Word

2. Beatles And Stones

3. Millionaire

4. Two Of A Kind

5. For Anyone

6. The Roller

7. Wind Up Dream

8. Bring The Light

9. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise

10. Kill For A Dream

11. Three Ring Circus

12. The Beat Goes On

13. Man Of Misery

14. The Morning Son



15. Wigwam

16. Sons Of The Stage


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