Handsome Furs @ Bottom Lounge 7/29/11

Handsome Furs performed a tidy 1 hour plus set at Bottom Lounge in Chicago Friday night.  Earlier in the day they recorded a session for an upcoming episode of Sound Opinions.  The Montreal based husband and wife duo brought the goods and exuded an everlasting love for the city of Chicago and its fans, reporting onstage that they played for a mere 60 people Thursday in Milwaukee.  The Bottom Lounge show consisted of songs almost exclusively from 2011’s Sound Kapital with the exception of one of my personal favorites, “Radio Kaliningrad” from 2009’s Face Control.


1. When I Get Back

2. Damage

3. All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

4. Memories of the Future

5. Bury Me Standing

6. What About Us

7. Repatriated

8. Radio Kaliningrad

9. Serve the People


10. Agony

Encore 2:

11. Legal Tender

12. No Feelings


2 thoughts on “Handsome Furs @ Bottom Lounge 7/29/11

    1. It seems I departed prematurely and there was a 2nd encore per commenter. Thanks for your input. I have updated setlist to reflect this. I realize “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything” is from Face Control, “Radio Kaliningrad” is just one of my faves from that album.

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