Okkervil River @ The Vic 09/22/11

I must admit, this was my first time seeing Okkervil River and they brought the goods to a rapturous and enthusiastic crowd that bounced and grooved along most of the night.  The best songs of the night (in my estimation) were the cuts from Black Sheep Boy and to my surprise and delight (that they played it), “Lost Coastlines.”

If you were there or if you weren’t, here’s the setlist for this all-ages show in which the band numbered 7 players and opted to play through instead of departing the stage for the standard encore tradition.

1. Wake and Be Fine

2. For Real

3. Rider

4. Black

5. Piratess

6. Song Of Our So-Called Friend

7. John Allyn Smith Sails

8. We Need a Myth

9. The Valley

10. No Key, No Plan

11. So Come Back, I Am Waiting

12. Westfall

13. Your Past Life as a Blast

14. Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe

15. Lost Coastlines

16. Unless It’s Kicks

Run time 90 mins. – Played through instead of standard encore


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