Girls @ Lincoln Hall 9/29/11

The Girls show Thursday night at Lincoln Hall was nothing short of a resounding success.  Though its taking a bit longer to ingratiate myself with the recently released Father Son Holy Ghost than Girls’ previous two releases, the band sounded well rehearsed and up to the challenge of entertaining an expectant sold out crowd.

The setlist was pretty much perfect, happily including half of the songs from the Broken Dreams Club EP, of which I could barely contain my elation on hearing “Substance.”  This was only my second time seeing Girls live and the first time in a proper venue as opposed to a scorching hot early afternoon set at Union Park.  The band did not have its back-up singers with them at Lincoln Hall in case you were wondering.


1.  Laura

2.  Honey Bunny

3.  Alex

4.  Love Like A River

5.  My Ma

6.  Heartbreaker

7.  Die

8.  Darling

9.  Lust For Life

10.  Magic

11.  Vomit

12.  Substance

13.  Morning Light


14.  Hellhole Ratrace

15.  Broken Dreams Club

Roughly 80 mins.

Watch a recent network TV performance here:




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