Real Estate @ Lincoln Hall 10/31/11

In a word: brilliant. I listen to oodles of “new” music, but Real Estate is truly the cat’s pajamas or the bee’s knees (if you prefer) in my book. Very few “new” band’s catalogs inspire my immediate devotion the way Real Estate’s releases have. I think its the signature chiming guitar tone, a hallmark of their songs, that reeled me in and has kept me rapt as a fan.
Here’s what the fivesome played on their second visit (first headlining) to Lincoln Hall on Halloween night, including a handful of well picked covers.



1. Green River
2. Suburban Beverage
3. Easy
4. It’s Real
5. Video Life [Chris Spedding]
6. Anything Could Happen [The Clean]
7. Coffee + TV [Blur]
8. Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow [Felt]
9. Holiday [Weezer]
10. Green Aisles
11. Wonder Years
12. Younger Than Yesterday
13. Suburban Dogs
14. Municipality
15. All The Same
16. Fake Blues
17. Beach Comber

Truth be told I had to tweet the band themselves to inquire about the Chris Spedding song. Thanks Real Estate!


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