The Walkmen @ Metro – 1/14/12

The Walkmen celebrated their 10th anniversary as a band Saturday night at a sold out Metro, in the first of a 3 show run commemorating their decade together. (They are playing 2 more anniversary shows in San Francisco next weekend)

The show was divided into two sets and spanned the bands career.  Set 1 pulled heavily from their debut Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone which has just been released for the first time on vinyl.

The sets were sprinkled with new songs they are working on completing in Seattle for an expected summer release.  The new material feels looser and with a harder edge than some of the more refined manicured sounds of their most recent albums.

Set 1:

1. LineBy Line [new song]

2. They’re Winning

3. Wake Up

4. Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone

5. Revenge Wears No Wristwatch

6. Hang On, Siobhan

7. The Blizzard Of ’96

8. We’ve Been Had

9. Love You Love [new song]

10. Left You A Million Times/No No No [new song]

11. Love Is Luck [new song]

12. Dónde Está La Playa

13. On The Water

14. In The New Year

15. Red Moon*

16. Stranded*

17. Canadian Girl*

18. Louisiana*

——————————-1 hour 15 minutes / *4 piece horn section

Set 2:

19. Southern Heart [new song]

20. Blue As Your Blood

21. All Hands And The Cook

22. Woe Is Me

23. French Vacation

24. The Rat

25. No Christmas While I’m Talking

26. I Lost You**

27. 138th Street**

28. Postcards From Tiny Islands **

29. Thinking Of A Dream I Had**

30. Heartbreaker [new song]

———————————-1 hour / **Hamilton fielded crowd requests for these songs


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