The Lemonheads @ The Vic Theatre 10/13/12

ImageDespite being billed as the The Lemonheads featuring Juliana Hatfield, Miss Hatfield was nowhere to be found, instead Evan Dando (in one of few statements) responded to several audience inquiries after playing “Confetti” saying, ‘She’s in Boston.’

The news put a damper on the the reunion vibe, but this 3-piece incarnation of The Lemonheads was a vast improvement over the version I witnessed at The Abbey Pub in 2009.

The group banged out 15 tracks in 45 minutes and succeeded in the tried and true method of leaving the audience wanting more.

As it turns out, Hatfield had posted on her website and through her official Twitter account (@julianahatfield) on October 2nd, ‘i hate to have to say this but due to unforeseen circumstances i won’t be able to join the lemonheads on bass this month as planned.sosorry’

Saturday night’s setlist:

1. Down About It

2. Confetti

3. Hospital

4. My Drug Buddy

5. Break Me

6. The Great Big No

7. Mallo Cup

8. It’s About Time

9. Style

10. Ride With Me

11. Dawn Can’t Decide

12. It’s A Shame About Ray

13. Stove


15. Rudderless



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