Menomena @ Metro 10/19/12


Though they lost 1/3 of their lineup prior to recording 2012’s Moms, Menomena haven’t lost a step live. I personally prefer the songs that feature Justin Harris on lead vocals (a recent Guardian review referred to his wilting vocal style as being an American Bobby Gillespie – which I find an astute/unexpected comparison) and fortunately they were in abundance on Friday night at Metro.  Still, the highlight of the night was “Rotten Hell.”


1. Muscle’n Flo

2. Plumage

3. Capsule

4. Weird

5. Giftshoppe

6. Five Little Rooms

7. Pique

8. Strongest Man In The World

9. Queen Black Acid

10. Baton

11. Don’t Mess With Latexas

12. Rotten Hell

13. Heavy Is As Heavy Does

14. TAOS


15. One Horse

16. The Pelican


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