Hebronix – Unreal


Its not Yuck [Part II], but Hebronix is the new work of that group’s former lead vocalist Daniel Blumberg.  At times lethargic and meandering (see “Wild Whim & “Unreal”), at others bouncy and reverb-drenched (see “Garden”).  Its no mistake that most of the six songs here stretch into 7-minute territory. Undoubtedly some listeners ears won’t be prepared to absorb the spacious tunes contained here, but patient and passive listening isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  For me, the record works as chewing gum for the mind, especially the tail end of album closer “The Plan.”

My favorite track (#3) is “Wild Whim.” There are guitars piled upon guitars with minimal drumming that musically echoes the lyrical content of a circuitous walk. A triumphant record that won’t blow your socks off.

*More info & song streams here: http://www.atpfestival.com/recordings/artist/hebronix/view.php


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