2013 Pitchfork Primer – Saturday 7/20


Saturday, July 20:

Gates at 12 p.m.

8:45 Rustie (BLUE)
8:30 Belle & Sebastian (GREEN) – The reason I bought tickets. This is B & S’s first festival gig in Chicago, hopefully steering the set towards the hits/earlier albums.
7:45 Andy Stott (BLUE)
7:25 Solange (RED) – Mostly a “get in place for B & S” and watch from afar sitch, but her EP ‘True’ is exceptional.
6:45 Low (BLUE) – Surprising stage location, but maybe suited to their hushed sound of late.  A good place to go sleep standing up?
6:15 The Breeders play Last Splash (GREEN) – Where I’ll be. Never saw The Breeders the first time around. Of course there’s “Cannonball,” but the album rocks more than I remember in the middle, then goes ultra-poppy on “Divine Hammer.”
5:45 Ryan Hemsworth (BLUE)
5:15 Swans (RED)
4:45 Metz (BLUE) – If ear-bleeding is something you seek, then head here.  Taut, heavy stuff reminiscent of early Nirvana.  Following this set seems like the best chance to grab some food & pre-game for The Breeders and the rest of your night.
4:15 Savages (GREEN) – Must-see of the weekend.  May draw a bigger crowd than Belle & Sebastian?  Heavy female 4-piece trading in Joy Division-esque throbbing tunes.  Their intensity is likely to be unmatched. 
3:45 Merchandise (BLUE) – A nice sound meld of heavy-ish backing band and fey Morrissey-like vocals at times.  Depart early for Savages.
3:20 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (RED)
2:50 Parquet Courts (BLUE) – Likely to be a crowded scene for this early-Pavement/early-Strokes sounding band.  Ramshackle and low-fi by design.  Plus then you’ll be here in advance of Merchandise.
2:30 Phosphorescent (GREEN) – zzzzzz – Fine and dandy on record, but nothing I need to see live in a hot field.
1:55 Julia Holter (BLUE) – I’d say to arrive in time to hear her, but really no reason to get to a fest before 3pm in my opinion.
1:45 Pissed Jeans (RED)
1:00 KEN mode (BLUE)
1:00 White Lung (GREEN)


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