PAWS / Youth Culture Forever

Youth Culture Forever is the second album from Glasgow-based PAWS.  The trio bashes out infectious, lo-fi, garage/power-pop that often builds to an anthemic payoff. There’s definitely some early Nirvana in there, the instrumental “Great Bear” (track 10) is only missing Kurt Cobain’s wail over the top. Unfortunately for airplay purposes 5 of the 12 tracks here contain the ‘F-Word’ and as such have been discounted, as well as the largely instrumental 12-minute album closer “War Cry.”

RIYL: Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, The Vaselines, ‘90s nostalgia

These guys have a knack for creating memorable choruses that punctuate their songs detailing the trials of being a twentysomething/slacker growing up and traversing relationships. PAWS signature sound revolves around pounding drums and the distorted vocals of frontman Phillip Taylor. “Tongues” discusses how when you’re in love you’ll talk in code, then asks, ‘Do you think that we could have tried a little harder?/I know that I should have tried a little harder.’ Then track 4 is held together by the refrain ‘No, I don’t wanna fool around WITH YOUR HEART.’ These may be relationship-y lyrics, but are easily palatable when delivered over the muddy PAWS throb.

Recommended: 2,3,4,9,10


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