The Horrors / Luminous

Luminous is the fourth studio album from British band The Horrors. The general sound of Luminous is a melding of dancey, synthy, pop-shoegaze .

Perhaps a product of the mix, bassist Rhys Webb may well be the album’s MVP. The bass backbone anchors track 2 which opens with some nice jangly guitar and finishes with a strong bass and guitar outro.

The Horrors sound evokes a vibe of treading water, drifting in space and adjectives such as psychedelic, cosmic and lethargic. (see track 3 “So Now You Know” for instances  of all of these)

The bass breakdown on track 6 “Falling Star” is superb as well as the prolonged string/synth and beating drum outro.

Though it’s the longest track, “I See You” (#7) is a must play. Opening with a latter day Echo & The Bunnymen type sound, it features the best chorus and most lively vocal performance on Luminous . Then the second half builds layer upon layer of electronics and shoegazey guitars.

The slow burn “Change Your Mind” (track 9), is very spare (largely drum and vox) and features what could almost be called crooning.

Recommended: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9


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