TORRES – Sprinter

TORRES-sprinter-1500x1500TORRES is the stage name of Mackenzie Scott and Sprinter is the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter’s second full-length. TORRES has a heck of a backing band on record. Portishead’s Adrian Utley plays guitar and synthesizer and Robert Ellis and Ian Olliver reunite as a rhythm section for the first time since PJ Harvey’s Dry.

“Strange Hellos” gets the album off to a roaring start. After a few sparely strummed notes, a superb ‘produced-sounding’ drum (great snare & hi-hat) and ferocious guitar combination come in. But TORRES’s voice may be the real star, by track’s end she is yelling.

“New Skin” (track 2) is a tamer affair and the first half of it recalls Sharon Van Etten’s sound (down to the huskier vocal). Stick around for a somewhat surprising 2-minute jam out that closes the track. (This outro’s sound and vocals remind me of Anna Calvi)

“Cowboy Guilt” is a curveball of a song. It’s lighter and has a more soulful vocal and wobbly electronic touches. This track is her St. Vincent/more experimental side.

Penultimate track “The Harshest Light” displays a slower more epic sound and some cool layered vocals.

Recommended tracks: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8


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